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The Vault is temporarily closed due to a provincial oder.

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We look forward to opening as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. Stay safe and stay healthy!

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To ensure the availability of equipment and the safety of our members, we have a limited number of memberships available. To be notified when we open up please sign up here:

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Your Health, Our Health

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We are excited at the Vault Barbell Club to welcome our lifting community back! The health of our members, coaches, practitioners and community is our primary concern. Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray are readily available throughout the facility. Touch point disinfection is completed throughout the day and intensive deep cleaning is completed throughout the week. Platforms are reserved in advance and organized for safety and physical distancing. Members are required to clean equipment after use.

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Bookings and Capacity

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To maintain safe facility capacity and physical distancing, an online platform reservation system has been implemented allowing members to reserve a platform for 90 minutes. A VBBC membership is required to reserve a platform and a reservation is required to train at VBBC. Platforms are reserved using the VBBC website or the Zen Planner app.

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When You Arrive

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Members are asked to arrive at the beginning of their reserved time. Members who arrive early are asked to remain outside the facility until their reserved start time. If a member arrives late, their allotted time at VBBC will end based upon their reservation. On entry, members will use hand sanitizer and the disinfectant wipes on their phone, keys, water bottle, etc. Members will also complete the Health Self-assessment Questionnaire and have their temperature checked before proceeding to their reserved platform.

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When You Leave

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Five minutes before the end of the member’s reserved time, we ask members to prepare for the arrival of the next member of our lifting community by cleaning equipment used during the course of their workout. This will include benches, racks, plates, bars, collars, etc. Members are then be asked to use hand sanitizer and leave at the end of their reserved time by the designated exit.


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