Personal Training With a Difference

Matt Goldsmith,
Personal Trainer
The Vault Barbell Club

A world-class powerlifting coach now offering personal training, Matt is an experienced international coach who has coached athletes to medal winning performances at the highest levels of international competition. The basis of Matt’s success are safe lifting technique, a detailed understanding of what motivates his athletes and expert understanding of scientific training principles. Click here for Matt’s Qualifications

“We will focus first on building technique in small manageable steps, that allow you to master large barbell movements in a very comprehensive way. After that we will do enough work on each training day to drive progress without putting you at risk of injury or overreaching.”

Based on the challenges & opportunities identified during the technical session , Matt designs a personalized training prescription to guide clients towards their goals. The client will complete the technical session with a solid understanding of safe technique, an understanding of their current abilities, and a personalized program to reach their goals.

Clients signing up for personal training will receive their assessment session at no charge.

Technique Assessments are $90. The technical session is crucial in developing an individualized prescription. This session identifies current abilities and opportunities for improvement. Clients will complete the session with a solid understanding of safe lifting technique, an understanding of their current abilities and a personalized training prescription to reach their goals.


What is Powerlifting?
Powerlifting is focused on building strength using 3 main lifts – the squat, the bench press and the deadlift.
Why Train like a Powerlifter?
  • Easily track progress.
  • Build confidence, self esteem, self discipline, gain strength, change body composition.
  • Focus on the weight on the bar, not on the scale.
About the Vault Barbell Club
The Vault Barbell Club is a tight knit, safe, clean, non judgemental training community with high quality training equipment.
About Matt Goldsmith

Matt was head coach for Team Canada at the 2017 NAPF Bench Press Championships and an official Team Canada coach for the 2017 IPF World Championships in Belarus, Team Canada Coach for the 2018 World Championships in Calgary, Alberta and head coach for the 2019 Commonwealth Championships in Newfoundland.

Matt has handled over 200 athletes in-meet over the last 6 years, while providing programming and in-person training to numerous others.

Matt has received his Canadian Powerlifting Union Coaching Certification and is a Level II Ontario Powerlifting Association referee.

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