Our Trainers

Mark Giffin is the head personal trainer and owner of the Vault. With 15 years of personal training experience and decades of high-level sport experience, Mark has worked with a diverse range of clients. Each with unique needs and goals, some having never touched a weight and some world champions, Mark applies the same sound concepts that ensure progress while doing so in a safe and attentive manner.

Mark: “Over a 27 year career, I had the honour of representing Canada at the highest levels of international competition. I enjoyed some measure of success. Toward the end of my athletic career I felt strongly motivated to give back to the sport which had given me so much. For two terms I served as president of the Canadian Powerlifting Union and qualified as an International Powerlifting Federation Category 2 Referee. Since retiring from the sport, my greatest satisfaction has been realized in the application of the experience and knowledge earned these past 35 years and be that catalyst for transformative, life changing improvements to the strength and health of my clients.”

Erin Tusa is a holistic health and strength coach out of Guelph Ontario. She trains general population clients and athletes both in person and online. Her background in softball and dance, combined with a huge weight loss transformation and over 8 years in the fitness industry, have all helped her develop a model of training that respects the needs of the human body and movement from a holistic perspective. Erin’s personal experience with chronic pain due to years of improper movement patterns and low back injuries has given her a unique empathy and compassion for helping her clients.
Erin’s educational background, devotion to lifelong learning, and enthusiasm for understanding human movement allow her to go beyond just exercise selection. Erin takes a broad lens approach with every single client that includes a full body assessment, breathing strategies and programming that is tailored to give the client exactly what they need to move and feel better.
Erin also offers a unique boutique fitness and behaviour change coaching experience in her Soul Hunger Method: A Truce with Food and Fitness program. 
Matt Thatcher has been in the fitness and health industry for over 12 years, which he began in order to put himself through University while pursuing a degree in Psychology at Western Ontario. Matt is a black belt in karate, has done amateur Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu, competed in provincial level football, rugby and soccer, as well as competed in Crossfit and Strongman.
He is currently working as a personal trainer running his own business in Guelph and working under DTS fitness education. He has worked with clients ranging from former Olympic Medalists, national level athletes in many different sports ranging from wrestling to sailing, and perhaps most importantly, everyday clients looking to feel better, get stronger, manage pain and live their lives to the fullest.
Matt believes in looking at all aspects of health including movement, nutrition, sleep, stress management and community. He feels that health and fitness should ultimately be inclusive and inviting to everyone, bringing enrichment, empowerment and opportunity to life.

Matt Goldsmith

Matt was head coach for Team Canada for the 2017 NAPF Bench Press Championships and an official Team Canada coach for the 2017 IPF World Championships in Belarus, Team Canada Coach for the 2018 World Championships in Calgary, Alberta and head coach for the 2019 Commonwealth Championships in Newfoundland.

Matt has handled over 200 athletes in-meet over the last 5 years, while providing programming and in-person training to numerous others.

Jordan Shannick

Jordan has a Masters in Biomechanics and is Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach with the University of Guelph Track and Field Team. He has previously worked with basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, rugby and football athletes, as well as being a competitive strength athlete himself. And he smokes a mean pork loin!

Mo Akins is a compassionate and wellness-oriented Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and Healthy Eating Weight Loss Coach.

Mo possesses over 10 years of experience within the fitness industry and has the strong ability to empathetically listen, interpret, and provide individualized programs to a diverse clientele.

Her style of training is strength-based with an emphasis on longevity and sustainable lifestyle skills.

She understands the challenges of balancing the corporate environment, owning a business, and personal life while maintaining your health.

Because of this, she wants to help high achievers like you by guiding you step-by-step through the three-step process she has crafted to help you stay healthy and achieve your career goals while maintaining your overall well-being.

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